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I’ve had a stroke, who can help?

We can visit you around 6 months after your stroke to see how you’re getting along. Research has shown us that this is a good time to look at how things are going.

Why is this important?

We want to make sure everyone has the best chance of recovery from their stroke. As well as having treatment such as physiotherapy, it’s also good to be able to ask about other things such as; driving, returning to hobbies, learning new activities, returning to work or keeping healthy.

Who will do the review?

The Live Well Advisors will visit people who live in the Wakefield District. If you attended a Mid Yorkshire Hospital following your stroke, your details will be automatically sent to the Live Well team. You do not need to do anything.

What happens during the review?

We’ll ask about your daily living activities and talk about anything that might have changed since you had your stroke. Your answers will help us consider any additional help, support or advice you may need.

What happens after the review?

This is unique to you. For example, you might be referred to other services that can help. You might be given details of local groups of people with similar interests. Or you may carry on with your current care under your GP with annual check-ups if required.

Do I have to have this review?

It is your choice whether you decide to have the review. You do not have to have a review if you prefer not to.

Can my family be there with me?

Your family can be there doing the review, if you prefer

What do I need to do now?

When you are approaching 6 months after having your stroke, you should expect to hear from Live Well Wakefield, we will write to you and ask if you would like to have your review. If you prefer not to, you can ring the team and let us know. If we do not hear from you we will arrange an advisor to get in contact with you, to visit you at home, on a day and time that best suits you.