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Long Covid Support

Self-Management Course:

We deliver a 6-week self-management programme offering tools and techniques to support those living with the effects of Long Covid, helping them to improve their health and wellbeing. All our courses and workshops are delivered on-line via the free app Microsoft Teams and can be accessed using a smartphone, tablet or laptop from your own home.

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If you can't attend a 6-week course, then why not come to our single workshops where you can learn ways to manage some of the more distressing symptoms of Long Covid in a relaxed atmosphere whilst meeting others who are living with similar issues?

If you would like more details about managing common symptoms, then you may benefit from joining one or more of of the workshops in addition to the course:

  • Managing Breathlessness with Long Covid
  • Managing Fatigue with Long Covid
  • Coping with Chronic Pain

Topics include pacing activity to help manage pain and fatigue, breathing techniques and relaxation exercises to help manage anxiety. Each workshop lasts an hour with regular breaks and there are 2 sessions to attend for each topic. 


Social Prescribing Link Worker support: 

If your wellbeing and independence has been impacted by Long Covid, in non-clinical ways, you may benefit from 1 to 1 support from one of our Social Prescribing Link Workers. For example, you may be experiencing issues with finances due to loss of employment, or struggling with new mobility, and pain issues  and in need of aids & adaptations.

A Social Prescribing Link Worker will discuss with you, areas of your life that you wish to focus on improving. Helping you to create a personalised action plan and support you to set ayour own health and wellbeing goals.


If you would like to refer yourself into our service, please complete the form here