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Support after Covid


General Self-Management Programme

Our general self-management programme runs over 6 weeks with each weekly session lasting 2.5 hours. This programme is designed for anyone who has a long-term health condition of any kind, whether it be physical or mental health condition.  It is also valuable for those who are caring for someone with a long-term health condition, as it can also offer support for the carer's own health and wellbeing.  There are a wide range of topics covered, which include;

  • Managing symptoms like pain and fatigue to improve how you feel
  • Setting weekly realistic goals using Action Plans
  • Problem solving and decision making skills
  • Relaxation and distraction techniques
  • Managing the difficult emotions that almost everyone experiences when living with a long-term health condition



If you would like more details about managing common symptoms, then you may benefit from joining our:

Managing Fatigue with Health Conditions Workshop

Topics include;

  • Meeting and sharing with others living with fatigue
  • Discussing what might trigger our fatigue
  • Looking at brain fog and how it affects us
  • Learning practical tools to support our energy levels and general wellbeing

Each workshop lasts an hour, and you're welcome to take breaks whenever you need them.  

To see the dates and times of all our courses and workshops, please click here

Fatigue Flyer

Social Prescribing Link Worker support: 

If your wellbeing and independence has been impacted by Post Covid syndrome in non-clinical ways, you may benefit from 1 to 1 support from one of our Social Prescribing Link Workers. For example, you may be experiencing issues with finances due to loss of employment, or struggling with new mobility, and pain issues  and in need of aids & adaptations.

A Social Prescribing Link Worker will discuss with you, areas of your life that you wish to focus on improving. Working alongside you, they will help you to create a personalised action plan and support you to set your own health and wellbeing goals.

If you would like to refer yourself into our service, please complete the form here